The influencer industry

Posted: Tuesday February 5 2019

By: Guest Bloggers

The influencer marketing is an industry that just keeps growing, with a forecasted worth of $10 billion by 2020, this marketing concept is now wildly popular with many brands. Influencer marketing is a relationship built between a brand and an influencer where the influencer’s job is to promote a product or service that is in keeping with their brand and interests their target audience.

By Danielle Hemmens – Brighter Directions


The Influencer Industry

Paid promotions in influencer marketing are usually created via social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram where an influencer will integrate paid promotion into their own work for their specified niche audience. Platforms like this have given people the chance to build their own brand in a more relatable way than traditional celebrities as they have a much higher interaction level with their audience. People now don’t have time to access traditional medias such as print and TV so the use of social media lets consumers have the freedom and choice on when and where they want to view media content. This could be seen as a negative for brands as there are so many forms of online media channels their target audience could be using. However, by utilising a consumer’s engagement with an influencer they already trust, it can help increase the brands reputation and overall sales. This could be one the reasons why marketing budgets are now shifting from traditional marketing outlets to influencer marketing.

Making sure consumers have trust in an influencer is an important part of this marketing practice as brands are relying on their engagement and the compatibility with the brands overall image. This gives influencers a huge sense of control on how they portray the brand; it can help promote authenticity to the target audience of the brand. Influencers are such trusted figures due to their loyal following and the knowledge they possess about what they are advertising. However, brands should also be careful of the possibility of fake followers, where an individual can purchase a large amount of followers in hope of brands deals and paid promotion. This could give brands a negative reputation of influencers marketing as many have been affected in the past by influencers with fake followers.

Brands now want to put money towards influencers who really provide a return on investment; this had proven hard to measure in the past. However, now with traceable links and discount codes, brands can really see how much interaction and sales are generated by the use of influencer marketing.

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