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Posted: Tuesday June 23 2020

By: Guest Bloggers

Last week I was asked the question "What is SEO and what are the pitfalls". This my view, from working in digital marketing for many years & having run various online profiles and websites, on what I'd consider to be Search Engine Optimisation and its potential pitfalls to be.

“What Is SEO And What Are The Pitfalls”.

By Cerebral 

SEO has constantly developed since its inception in the late 90’s, when it was a phrase termed just for bettering the crawling outcomes for a website. But Search Engines don’t just crawl sites for keyword incidence, it has now come to mean a myriad of digital marketing enhancements & techniques for websites and online presence. So consequently, SEO its come to mean more about one aspect of Internet Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of many ways to improve your online presence, so looking at an holistic approach for all the ways to digitally market online and electronically is what I would recommend.

The Handshakes with Search Engines, is where to start for the optimisation process. Be sure to register and build accounts/profiles with Search Engines using the same email and information when registering with all Search Engines. How you present for your search terms and how you present in Search Engine Result Pages or SERP’s ultimately all starts with your initial handshake. You may be indexed in SERP’s and are presenting against valid search terms and keywords, but by registering and creating an account with the search engine you gain the ability to have a two way dialogue with feedback. That improves your standing with a Search Engine, which is fundamentally what SEO is.

Understanding the business/idea and its online marketplace and optimising for this opportunity is where to start to research for your business/idea. Examine the online relevance of your Price, Product, Place, Promotion, effectively, its internet/online saleability; the 4P’s of digital marketing and how this works for you online. Are you transposing your real world business plan to encompass digital marketing? If so it can be done by augmenting many of the existing marketing actions to online marketing actions, again make sure its set up correctly and by someone who knows how to do this competently. Digital Marketing is now core for most marketing plans and many have a website or online presence already in existence and the 4P’s still apply. It’s a useful tool to examine performance against, as a site or profile could have hit a plateau. It give ideas and identifies ways to extend or grow the curvature of your growth line.

Know your Goals.

Have a remit/brief for your goals to achieve for the project objectives. It’s easier if all parties involved in your SEO & Website Marketing are singing off the same hymn sheet or reading from the same page; it improves the synergy of plan and makes it easier to achieve as everyone involved knows what’s needed from their perspective and how they’re to accomplish this. Also it’s easier to tweak if parts of the remit change, as things always do.


This is basically how simply and easily does your site convert visitors into sales, customers, enquires, etc. Does the user experience (UX) of your website or online profile convert? Once a visitor arrives at a landing page, how easy the website is to use and how it presents its content will have a major bearing on visitor conversions. The UX can be improved and optimised by analysing the data and footfall to ascertain what parts of the page, site, profile, that need to be improved in order to achieve your project objectives & outcomes. Choose a developer or marketer that knows what the analytics and data mean against your business metrics and goals.

Make sure the site and online content is current, relevant and up to date by applying housekeeping rules for your site. Also apply this housekeeping to the overall information and PR presence across all relevant platforms you are involved with. Make sure your housekeeping rules apply to site functions, page content, site UX, press releases, customer interactions and so on, so you know your information online is presented to a consistent standard that you’re happy with.

Confidence in your team & who to choose for SEO & Digital Marketing is possibly the most important decision for your website development and online marketing. Look at who you choose to work with by examining their portfolio, customer feedback, their standing in that given market place, location, etc. Visit them, talk to them, are they credible & capable for your project? And, most of all, are these people who you can work with? There’s no point to working with someone who’s just not on your wavelength, regardless of your criteria and reasoning.

The pitfalls

The pitfalls of the SEO and Digital Marketing process is ultimately about who you entrust your project with. Do they have the prerequisites you need to fulfil your online marketing requirements? Defining KPI’s to meet, set against the costs associated to achieve goals. Creating ways to navigate around the obstacles encountered online from the optimisation process, so turning negative issues into positive outcomes.

At Cerebral we’re always developing and working to better your outcomes from new online techniques, from such as geocentric advertising to the fundamentals of search engine optimisation and great PR. Being in Sheffield, we’re Yorkshire at heart and you’ll always get an honest and helpful outcome from the services we provide. 

I hope this helps some way towards formulating your online SEO and DM strategy.


P.S. I’m in the top 00.01% for #SEO on Klout

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