How Can Work Support Me As A Parent

Posted: Monday June 26 2017

By: Abbie Coleman

How Can Work Support Me As A Parent

By Tiro Talent Services

We all know that balancing being a parent and still managing a successful career can be a difficult job, but you shouldn’t be made to choose between the two. In today’s world, most employers accept that at some point a large chunk of their workforce will decide to become parents and are now looking at ways they can either retain the staff they have, or ways in which they can entice new talent to join their company.

Whether you’re looking to the future and are trying to find an employer who will support you in your parenting journey, or if you’ve had some time away from work to get used to your new full-time parenting role and are looking to get back into work, here are a few things that forward-thinking companies are offering in order to retain or attract talented individuals.

Extended paid Parental leave pay

Lots of companies are offering an extended period of full pay parental leave beyond the statutory amount, for example:

Vodafone allow Mum’s to take 16-week maternity leave at full pay and then on their return to work, they can reduce their hours to 30 for six months and still get full pay.

Ford of Britain’s Maternity and Parental Support policy offers 100% full pay for 52 weeks maternity leave for women (plus adoption leave for both sexes). Men get two weeks’ paternity leave, fully paid.

Flexible working

Knowing that you are able to move away from the old 9-5 work pattern, to fit in with the school run, or nursery drop off is top of the list. Maybe you want to be able to work from home a day a week or even on an occasional basis, whatever flexibility you need, its good to know your employer is there to support you no matter what.

Healthcare cover

This is a benefit for both employer and employee. Knowing that if you find yourself seriously ill you have the ability to get seen quickly offers a great peace of mind. Many schemes will also give you the option to add on dependents and spouses. Some schemes also offer cover for dental and optical, giving you financial support should you need it.

Childcare support

Some companies have their own in-house creche or can offer help with emergency childcare.

Extended annual leave

Many employers will now allow you to bank time off in lieu for overtime worked or take additional unpaid annual leave to cover school holidays.

Whatever it is you are looking for from a new employer, our advice is to ask lots of questions during your interview. This will allow you to get a feel for whether the company is serious in supporting its parenting policies.

Ask them how many people take up flexible working? How many men work flexible hours? Do they have a budget for/offer any support for emergency childcare?