Imposter Syndrome Are you good enough?

Posted: Monday April 5 2021

By: Abbie Coleman

Although sometimes it can feel that way. In a world of airbrushed insta lives, it’s very easy to feel that we’re not doing enough, that we don’t deserve to be where we are or to go after we want. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone, Imposter Syndrome is something which affects most of us at some point in our lives and careers and whether you’re considering a return to work or you’re already there, imposter syndrome doesn’t discriminate, we’ve all felt it. It’s perfectly normal to have these feelings and it’s also entirely possible to overcome them.

Having doubts about whether you’re good enough? – It’s not just you.

By Guest Blogger – Beckie Taylor

Here I share 5 tips to help challenge imposter syndrome

1. Make the most of your support network

When you’re finding it hard to believe in yourself a great way to give yourself a boost is by making the most of your support network whether that’s colleagues who think you’re fantastic, husbands, wives, best friends or Mum’s – engage those people who believe in you and really try to take on board and embrace what they’re saying, write them down, even if it seems silly it means you can refer back to them at any time when you feel need support.

2. Focus on learning

Continued education can have a great effect on feelings of self-doubt, sometimes we are in the position where we feel our knowledge is lacking or that we don’t really deserve to be there, turn that negative energy into a positive one by focusing on learning about the things that you’re lacking confidence in, you’ll feel like you’re taking pro-active steps to address your concerns and you will learn new skills and gain knowledge in the process!

3. Celebrate the little wins

We are all achieving, all day every day and this should be celebrated. Focus on your successes, they are important particularly when you are feeling inadequate or in a place of self-doubt. Take time to reflect on your day or your week and what has been achieved, it’s amazing to see how much has really been achieved when we take time to reflect. Make notes of these little wins so you can refer back to them.

4. Share your thoughts

Guess what, you know stuff! write a blog or film a video on your phone, choose a topic you’re familiar with and just start – you’ll be surprised at how much you know, how long you can talk for and how empowered you’ll feel at the end of this activity. You don’t even have to share it but if you do, take pride in the fact that your knowledge will almost certainly be of value to someone out there.

5. Know you are enough and that you can’t control all situations

You must accept that you are enough, that you deserve to be where you are or to pursue the opportunities you desire and that you cannot control all situations or the actions of others. You are only responsible for your actions and not those of others.